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ReaGallery is a powerful and easy-to-use tool designed to help you to create great looking web albums with just a few mouse clicks!

  • Photo collection organizer

    You can easily organize your images collection into a hierarchy of sites and galleries each one with different, unique look and feel!

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  • Gallery templates

    ReaGallery provides built-in templates for customizing your galleries to have unique look and feel. Built-in templates editor will help you to create your own gallery look by making your own themes!

    Take a look on available ReaGallery templates.

  • Enhance gallery images

    You can easily enhance images in your gallery. ReaGallery makes most image editing simple, including advanced effects like image resizer, watermarking and red-eye correction.

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  • Instant Gallery Wizard

    It is very easy to create beautiful web-galleries from your pictures and photos in the three simple steps using built-in Instant Gallery Wizard.

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  • FTP support & CD-burning

    Integrated FTP & CD-burning support gives you an ability to publish created album directly on the web or create a slide show CD with your gallery.

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  • Copyright protection and images anti-stealing system

    Exclude image stealing from your galleries by applying Safe ImageTM - ReaGallery copyright protection and images anti-stealing system.

    ReaGallery will help you to make perfect web albums and slide shows quickly and easily!

    Download and try ReaGallery for free!

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    ReaGallery features


    Gallery templates

    Online image converter

    Batch image converter

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    "I use Pro version of ReaGallery to make my photo album pages. It makes processing pages full of images easy. It generates thumbnails and all the HTML code. A little editing of the template to put my own links in and what used to be hours making HTML pages becomes a ten minute job!"

    David Cordy, Wingar Art, USA

    "Incredible tool! This is an absolutely excellent piece of software, no PC should be without it, ReaGallery has all what you need.

    Michael Lawley, UK

    "ReaGallery is GREAT! It's intuitive, user-friendly and really works. Don't miss it!

    Scott Wouters, Netherlands


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